Yves De Groote, MSc. specialises  in text productions on food production and process industry, from ingredients and raw materials to industrial production, packaging, nutrition and health. Related disciplines are process and production automation, industrial maintenance, process and production technology, hygienic equipment design (EHEDG) and agribusiness, including livestock. He graduated from Wageningen University as a food technologist, specialising in dairy technology and quality management. He founded Tekstbureau Wageningen in 1992, and changed the company name to textburo after his move to Belgium (Western Flanders). Click here for Yves' LinkedIn profile. 

Dr. Bart Driessen specialises in text productions on industrial automation. Writing about topics varying from machine building to building- and process automation, Bart has many years of experience in the field. He graduated from Radboud University in Nijmegen in Political Science and Philosophy in 1978. After working as a lecturer at this university, he started his own text production company Tekstbureau dr. Bart Driessen in 1990. Click here for Bart's LinkedIn profile.

Joanna Hughes MA is flawless in her two mother tongues and manages well in quite a few more. Born in the UK, she moved to the Netherlands at a very young age. Raised in both Dutch and English, she moved to Tokyo, studied Japanese, but later switched to studying archaeology at Leiden University. Majoring in Meso-American archaeology, she also got her fair share of Spanish, Nahuatl, Quechua and some more obscure hieroglyph-based scriptures. After also utilising het organisational talents at multinationals Akzo Nobel and Astellas, she started her own translation company Verbal Essence in 2005. Click here for Joanna's LinkedIn profile.

Liam van Koert BSc. specialises in text productions on engineering and manufacturing. Graduating as a Mechanical Engineer from the TH Rijswijk in 2001, he continued his work as a Mechanical Design Engineer Electrical Machines at Brush HMA. After working on high power generators for the oil & gas industry and geothermal power generation for six years, he made the switch to his old passion: writing. Starting out as Editor-in-Chief for the magazines Machinebouw and Process Controll at Array Publications in 2006, he joined Verbal Essence in 2009. Nowadays, Liam is Editor-in-Chief of the magazines Vision & Robotics and Automatie PMA and writes for numerous customers throughout the industry. Click here for Liam's LinkedIn profile.

Leo de Ridder, MSc. is one of the most famous technical journalists in de world of engineering and manufacturing. He graduated from the TU Delft in 1974 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked as managing editor for various publishers, including Wolters Kluwer and My Business Media. Besides being the face of the Constructeur trade magazine for over 30 years, he also launched several successful magazines and events in the industrial domain. After his official retirement from the publishing world, he decided to put his comprehensive skill set to good use and joined The Text Factory in March 2013. Click here for Leo’s LinkedIn profile.

Ad Spijkers BSc. graduated as a plastics processing engineer at HTS Tilburg (now Avans) in 1976. After a few years experience in manufacturing companies, he started a carreer in technical journalism. After working about ten years for some Reed Elsevier magazines, he was another ten years free lance reporter for several technical magazines on mechanical engineering, construction, logistics and process control. He was almost fourteen years chief editor for Aandrijftechniek (Power transmission), an Eisma Industrialmedia magazine, before joining The Text Factory on January 1, 2016. He specialises in electric motors and drives, mechanical transmissions, hydraulics, pneumatics, sensors, industrial controllers and industrial automation.
Click here for Ad's LinkedIn profile.